Altered Knowledge: The Importance Of Mobility

This week, our blog focuses on mobility, how and why to incorporate it into your routine, and the announcement of our brand-new track!

By Logan Kelly, July 30, 2023

Hello All,

This week, we will discuss the importance of mobility as an accessory to training. Recently, I’ve noticed it has become more of an issue for many people. Consistently complaining of tightness in their *insert any body part.* Before we can discuss the importance of mobility, I want to quickly discuss the difference between flexibility and mobility, 2 terms that are often used interchangeably.

    Mo-bil-i-ty (noun)

The ability to move or be moved freely and easily

    Flex-i-bil-i-ty (noun)

The quality of bending easily without breaking

As you can see mobility refers to OUR ABILITY to move versus flexibility refers to the quality of movement. With that being said mobility is important because how mobile we are determines how well we can perform various movements. Take the squat for example. Ideally, someone with a “perfect” squat has their chest up, sitting comfortably in the bottom position (hips below knees & KOT). This means that they have ideal ankle, knee, hip, and back mobility. Contrast that with someone who has limited ankle mobility. We often see the chest down, facing the ground, and having difficulty getting into the bottom position.

HOWEVER, by incorporating mobility exercises such as the KB Loaded Lunge, we are able to increase ankle mobility gradually and over time get to a point where that same individual can get into a perfect squat position. The same can be applied to other areas of the body using different methods of loading, and gently stretching the body into the desired position.

To help those with mobility limitations and those who want to prevent limitations. There is a brand new track being released September 1st, 2023 “MOBILITY,” that you can access under the workouts tab in the member app!

If you have any questions, comment below or talk to me in class!

– Coach Logan

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Anderson Williams

Fitness Professional

I tried just about every sport growing up and soccer is the one that stuck. I’m a classic center midfielder – loud, assertive, and able to see the whole picture and make assessments on the fly. I still enjoy playing in rec leagues, although my last season ended with a knee to the cheekbone and a black eye and I haven’t returned to sport postpartum. I started CrossFit in the fall of 2011 at the suggestion of a college professor and really enjoyed the struggle. This was my first experience lifting weights and exercising for enjoyment rather than just being better at soccer. During pregnancy, I had a tough time being motivated to exercise, even though I was in the gym all the time coaching. In the first trimester, I felt sick a lot, the second trimester was better and I resumed a lot of activity, but in the third, I was very uncomfortable and mostly stuck to walking. Returning to the gym was a humbling experience. I started very basic and worked my way back to following our Build programming. I enjoy swimming a lot and got into distance running (slow pace and like 5-10 miles) during the pandemic lockdown. I used to be diligent about doing interval track workouts once a week (and even dragged Coach Rhett along) but those haven’t made a comeback postpartum. I have a C2 bike that I enjoy doing longer rides on and am tentatively planning for a triathlon in July. Currently my training is the 3 Build workouts/week with additional cardio-only workouts on the side – and maybe the occasional Lift+Move if it really looks fun. Fast Facts: -I play cello – I was in the symphony in college at WKU and we went to China for a 2-week tour the May after I graduated. -I am the oldest of 4 children. My sister and brother had babies the same year as I had Ellie – my youngest brother was in Africa with the Peace Corps so he got a pass. -My husband (Greg) is a firefighter with Batavia Township. He exercises primarily in our garage gym but sometimes he makes an appearance at the gym. -I collect Harry Potter Legos. -I have 2 dogs (a black lab mix and a mini schnauzer). Greg and I met at a dog park while I was in grad school. -My favorite fiction book is The Princess Bride (yes, it’s the book the movie is based on) and the personal development book I got the most out of reading is Atomic Habits.

Turning Point

After 6 years of engineering school and 5 years working in the field, I knew that my desire to help people on a personal level wasn’t going to be fulfilled while I was stuck in an office. After 2 years of coaching part-time at my CrossFit gym, I decided to go all in on coaching and I found Coach Rhett searching for a full-time coach. As a native of Lexington, Kentucky living in New Hampshire, I was ready to come closer to home and put down roots. In August of 2020, my soon-to-be (eloped in Cincinnati on August 22, 2020) husband (Greg) and I moved to Dayton to start this new chapter of our lives. Since becoming a full-time coach I have experienced increased happiness and fulfillment as well as bought a house in Kettering and started a family (baby Ellie was born September 19, 2022).

Motivation & Passion

I am passionate about helping individuals build resiliency so they can say yes to all of life’s opportunities. For the grandmother who wants to be able to get down on the floor and play with her grandchildren. For the dad who wants to be able to throw the ball with his kid without shoulder pain. For the athlete who wants to play without fear of injury. For the young professional who wants to be able to go for a ski weekend with their friends. For the retiree who wants to play pickleball safely. For the parent who wants to set a good example for their teenager. I’m here to help you reclaim your capacity and build a stronger foundation for life.


Active Life Professional (August 2022)
CrossFit Level 2 (April 2022)
O23 Pro Mentor (September 2021)
Birthfit Coach (in process..)
CrossFit Level 1 (April 2018)
Precision Nutrition (September 2017)
Active Life Immersion (June 2020)

Logan Kelly

Fitness Professional

I am Dayton born and raised. I grew up in Oakwood and played various sports throughout school, with my two favorites being cross country and lacrosse. While on the OHS Lacrosse team, I was a 4-year varsity athlete and 2-year captain. I am still involved with the team in several ways, primarily as a strength and assistant defensive coach. During my last two years of high school, I also attended Centerville High School for their Exercise Science program. Upon graduation, I attended Ball State University, earning a degree in Exercise Science in 2022. Since then, I have worked as a CrossFit coach and personal trainer. My specialty is ATG (knee ability training). This is also referred to as knee-over toes training, popularized by Ben Patrick (KneesOverToesGuy). This methodology focuses on strengthening the muscles and connective tissues around the knees by getting our knees over our toes. In my experience, this is especially useful in combatting shin splints, ACL injuries, and patellar tendinopathy (jumper’s knee). Even as a healthy individual, this can be beneficial in protecting the knee from future damage and gives you peace of mind so that you can play with kids, grandkids, pets, etc

Turning Point

My first year at Ball State was a big turning point. I was enrolled as a pre-med student but had no sense of direction. My body was in constant pain because I neglected physical activity to prioritize my studies. Upon completing my first semester, I was already unhappy and burnt out. I began training more with the help of a friend and never looked back. I changed my path to Exercise Science. I still didn’t fully know what I wanted, but through the help of professors and perseverance, I am where I am today.

Motivation & Passion

I coach to help as many people as I can become the best version of themselves. In my eyes, my success is only the success of my clients. I am dedicated to helping those who are experiencing/worried about knee pain and mobility limitations and anyone who walks through the gym doors. My motivation is helping people achieve things they never thought possible: the excitement and renewed confidence from being in the gym and seeing them transform into new people.


Ball State University B.S. in Exercise Science
ATG-L1 Certification
CrossFit-L1 Certification


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